sing it, sister


Silk Rhodes - “Pains”

Pains [Stones Throw, 2014]

“Nothing happened in my childhood — no trauma or anything. I just had a genetic disposition toward things that were horrible.”

nothing you can do

I went to see Protomartyr play the Turf Club last week and posted a review to tumblr saying ”f-ing magical” and included a photo of the setlist.

My review to Clara consisted of the following texts:



***all the emoticons of all time***

Recently it has come to my attention those aren’t really reviews, nor are they real words. So here’s what I think about Protomartyr and that show, in (mostly) full sentences.

saw protomartyr tonight at the turf. f-ing magical.

“But a more plural [music] criticism might put less stock in defending its choices and more in depicting its enjoyment – to show what it is like for me to like it, and invite you to compare.”